10 Benefits of Laughter

By: Donald Bailey | HealthGreatness

Putting on a happy face is very good for you and those near you. Research has found considerable evidence linking laughter with other physiological benefits to health. Laughter is integral aspect when dealing with illnesses or pressures of our daily lives.

1. Socialization


Laughter is contagious, therefore, if you appreciate laughter in your life, many people around you are going to benefit. You can help diminish the stress level of those around you by bringing more laughter into their lives. It in turn increases the social interaction between you and your peers, hence helping reduce the stress levels. Good interactions help you to forget, for a while all the pressures of life, including unpaid bills, your impending divorce case, and even the heartbreak caused by the departure of your cherished ex!

2. Improves alertness and creativity


Studies have found out that laughter improves ones alertness and creativity. Great laughter reduces the strain on the brain, thus giving room for more creative thinking, which in turn stimulates creativity. Laughter has a considerable positive contribution on the extent to which you can be creative and innovative.

3. A better way of fighting diseases


Optimists have a stronger immunity against disease as compared to pessimists. They laugh a lot and take things lightly as opposed to pessimists. Scientific research has it that there is a link between optimistic attitudes and good health. Optimistic people have a strong immunity and are thus are healthy. By laughing, you are fighting diseases that could otherwise be fatal.

4. Lowers the blood pressure

Laughter relaxes all your internal muscle leading to reduced pressure on your heart. The heart of a person under stress undergoes much pressure thus increasing the pressure needed for following the blood throughout the body.

5. Enhances long living


Recent researchers have found out that older people who are optimistic and happy live longer than those who expect bad things to happen. The pessimists among the groups under study were found to die ten years earlier. The same applies to smokers, alcoholics and those engaged in physical activities. Smokers who stay happy and optimistic life live longer than smokers who are always worried and under stress.

6. Laughter manages your hormones


Levels of Stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, epinephrine and dopamine can be reduced by laughter. It also increases the level of health enhancing hormones like neurotransmitters, and endorphins. Additionally, it increases the number of the cells that produce antibodies and enhances the efficiency of T cells. These benefits results in a stronger immune system and reduced effects of stress.

7. Changes your general view on life


Humor creates a lighter hearted and comfortable perspective, which helps people to view challenging events in their lives in a simple and way. Research has found out that the way you respond to events can be altered by how we view them.

8. Positive frame of mind


Laughter changes the focus from anger guilt and negative emotions to put you in a cheerful and positive frame of mind.

9. Physical and emotional release


Laughter provides a physical and emotional relief especially in times when you feel like crying or laughing. A good laugh elicits a cleansed feeling that is so pleasant.

10. Improved Internal workout


A good laugh provides a good workout for the heart. It also exercises the diaphragm, works out the shoulders, leg, facial and respiratory channels leaving muscles more relaxed. Laughing is a good exercise equivalent to exercising on the bike and exercise bikes.

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