The new year has started so birthdays, holidays, celebrations, office parties, family get-togethers, celebratory drinks, and many other social events are starting to cram onto your calendar. You want to keep your new year’s resolution to be healthier, diet and gym more but still want to have fun! If you are watching your diet or trying to stick to a plan, this is a bit of a nightmare.

You want to indulge and imbibe along with everyone else but are running the calculations in your head and those empty calories are hard to justify. There is a way you can partake, so don’t stress! In an effort to keep your scale reflecting a number you are happy to see AND still enjoy the yearly happenings, here is a list of ten cocktails that are calorie friendly.

  1. Vodka & Soda: This classic is tastier than it sounds thanks to all the flavors of vodka available today. Try something citrus based for a refreshing twist on this classic. You’ll stay under 150 calories.
  2. Tequila on the Rocks: If a margarita is usually what you crave, this one is for you. A shot of tequila is less than 70 calories so you can add a splash of soda or juice and still keep this drink from being a diet buster. Garnish with a citrus fruit and you will be in a jolly mood in no time!
  3. Old-Fashioned: Move over Mad Men, this one is not just for the board room. It is a classic drink for a reason and you can feel like a sophisticate ordering it at the bar. Approximately 154 calories, you can feel good about this bourbon throwback. Don Draper approves.

  4. Sparkling rosé: Leave the wine spritzers for the fud-duds and try this alternative. Feel absolutely festive with the pink bubbles and fizz. A glass will only set you back around 220 calories.
  5. Hot Toddy: Want something warm on a cold night? A Hot Toddy might do the trick. Mix hot black tea with honey, lemon juice and a shot of your favorite whiskey or bourbon and enjoy. (Added bonus: According to old wives’ tales it may also help you kick a cold). About 125 calories.
  6. Hot Chocolate with Bailey’s: Yes, this sounds too good to be true but your standard hot chocolate mix made with water and a shot of Bailey’s is under 200 calories. Feed your chocolate craving with this dessert drink.
  7. Rob Roy: If you feel like ordering a “skinny” cocktail isn’t manly, the Rob Roy is about as manly as it comes. Less than 150 calories and made with scotch, vermouth, and bitters. Try it out you stud.

  8. Paloma: One of my favorites on the list; grapefruit, soda, and lime combine together delightfully. You wouldn’t even know that this was low-calorie because it is so delish. Averaging 166 calories, the Paloma has become trendy and many bars already have it on their menu.
  9. Rum & Coke: An old standby that gets the job done and comes in less than 100 calories if you use a diet soda. Need I say more?

  10. Moscow Mule: Substitute diet ginger ale in this vodka/ginger beer cocktail and this drink is a real palate pleaser. Have it in the traditional copper mug and you’ll instantly feel merry. These 180 calories won’t bother you.

Toast to the new year with the cocktail that inspires goodwill and good cheer for you. With these options, your diet is sure to survive the season.