Brittany Rice | HealthGreatness

A lot of men think they know and understand what women are looking for and what they “need”, but do they really? What you find may surprise you. Here are 10 things women look for in a man that you may not have considered.

10. Attractiveness
A woman looks for a man that is attractive. You probably thought a man’s appearance would be number one on a women’s list, but it’s not. As far as a man being attractive, there are a lot of different things a woman notices. A woman wants a man that is well-groomed and clean. Being neat wouldn’t hurt.

9. Physique
You don’t have to be a body builder to catch a woman’s eye, but you can’t be sloppy either. You can be as big or large as they come and weigh more than 200 pounds, but that doesn’t matter to a woman. As long as you carry your weight well, meaning you wear clothes that fit you and are not sloppy, the sky is the limit.

8. Personality
A man’s personality says a lot about a woman. A woman doesn’t want a man that has a terrible personality. Not only will the relationship be difficult, a woman does not appreciate sour attitudes. A lot of men think they have it, but a charming personality is not something that comes standard with all men. Charming a woman is much harder than you think. Men who can pull it off usually get the girl in the end.

7. Sense of Humor
Women love a man with a sense of humor, but don’t overdo it. Make her laugh, joke and have fun, but don’t be a goof or a clown all the time. That’s certainly not a good look. A man that can uplift a woman’s spirit by having a sense of humor can go a long way.

6. Intelligent Conversation
There’s nothing like being able to have an intelligent, meaningful conversation. You don’t have to talk about education or politics, but an intelligent conversation is one that many men don’t know how to have. An intelligent conversation has proper grammar and expresses words that stimulate the mind. If all you can talk about is video games and the latest anime that came out on DVD, you may find yourself at a loss with many women.

5. Respectful Behavior
A man who has respectful behavior has already captured half of a woman’s heart. Today’s society has a lot of things confused which makes this form of behavior seem like a man is bowing down to a woman or sacrificing everything he stands for. A man who shows respectful behavior and manners, such as the type of conversations that are held, opening and closing doors, pulling out chairs and paying for a meal in a woman’s mind is part of respectful behavior.

4. Being Comfortable
It take a lot for a woman to be comfortable. Men don’t realize how many battles women face on a daily basis within themselves. When a man makes her comfortable in the skin she’s in, that may be enough to win her heart. Some women build a Great Wall of China to hide their feelings, emotions and other things about them they may be shy about or not proud about. A man that can ease this pain or make the issues disappear is certainly a man in a woman’s book.

3. Finances
Although money isn’t everything, it helps when a woman doesn’t have to pay to go out or pay for something you should have more than enough money to cover. The misconception here is this: women want to make sure a man is financially stable so she doesn’t have to support him, not so he can support her.

2. Character
Character says a lot about a man. Contrary to the popular belief of many men, character is not what you do in front of a camera to get likes on social media. Character is what you do when no one is looking, when no one is paying you any attention. Character is who you truly are from the heart.

1. The Alpha Male
The number one thing women look for in a male is his alpha male. The alpha male is special and greatly appreciated because not every male is capable of being an alpha. An alpha male offers security and stability.