Stress is more than worrying. It can negatively affect the body in temporary and permanent ways: headaches, rashes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When work, family and everything in life seems to be getting back up and overloaded a big vacation may seem like the best solution. There isn’t always time for that, though. Thankfully, stress can be reduced with small actions in a small amount of time. These ten things will help reduce stress in ten minutes or less.


If you start to feel overwhelmed, whether at work, home or the grocery store, take a moment to focus on your breath. A calm breathing exercise that helps relieve anxiety attacks can help anyone feeling stressed. Breathe in for four seconds through the nose, hold the air in your stomach for two seconds, and then exhale through the mouth for four seconds.


Stress can build up tension in muscles, especially the neck and back. A few minutes of stretching can help relieve tension and relax the body. Child’s pose is a basic yoga pose that calms the mind and body.


Even if you don’t know exactly why you’re feeling so stressed, write down exactly how you’re feeling. Writing is a good way to vent feelings that are building up inside. Surprisingly you might even pin down the cause of your anxieties. In the least, it’s a good way to complain about what is bothering you without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Turn your phone off. Ten minutes will be easier than you think. Challenge yourself to an hour without checking it. Not only is a distraction but it may actually contribute to stress.


Take calm breathing to the next step. Meditation can lower blood pressure and heart rate, calming mind and body. It’s not as difficult as most believe.

Walk it off

A ten minute walk will benefit you physically, burning calories and working the heart and lungs. However, there are mental benefits too. A short walk increases mindfulness, can help depression and anxiety, as well as reduce stress.

Set a goal

If feeling unproductive or like a task are taking too long, set short term goals. For example, in the next ten minutes you’ll type two hundred words. When you meet it, set another. The feeling of accomplishment will help you feel satisfied that you’re making progress.


When stressed the urge to binge on unhealthy comfort food is dangerously strong. Keep a healthy snack or two nearby to satisfy your cravings. Some food may give you the energy to regain focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about future ones.

Listen to music

Pick three favorites and hit play. Focus on the lyrics and music, not the thread of thoughts in your mind. This could be combined with a ten minute walk.

Apply pressure

To relieve the pressure of every day deadlines, apply some pressure to some of these points on the body.

Now you are armed with ten ways to combat the everyday threat of stress. No matter how busy, anyone can take ten minutes of their day to relax.