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I am a firm believer that anyone can achieve their dreams. It is never too late to chase and capture your happiness. We have been conditioned by society to fear failure and believe more in the “system” rather than our own abilities to create for ourselves. Let’s break out of the daily normalities and give ourselves a chance to win. Here are 5 things we should stop doing to achieve ultimate happiness and success.

In order to achieve your desired level of greatness, you have to stop the habit of self sabotage. We often make up excuses to protect ourselves from hurting our ego or pride but in reality these excuses are keeping you from reaching new levels of success. The worst excuse of all is “I don’t have time.” You have time to be on social media but you don’t have time to study? You have time to binge watch 2 Seasons of House of Cards on Netflix but you don’t have time to apply for a small business loan. We need to cut out the excuses, get out of our own way, and just go for it!

2. Stop complaining about everything!.
It not only wastes time (which is ever so precious), it effects everyone around you. Stop sweating the small stuff and use the time (which is more precious than the blood of Chuck Norris) that you would have used to complain into an opportunity to create a solution. Earth to Matilda (Zoolander reference), we do not live in a perfect world and life is not always fair so learn how to roll with the punches and head butt life back!

3. Stop hanging out with people that bring you down. Surround yourself with a positive and goal oriented group.
The people that you are around the most dictate your mood, drive, and outlook on the world. If you spend most of your time with a group of unmotivated people that lack ambition and drive then there is a good chance that you will start inheriting their characteristics. If you spend most of your time with positive people that constantly put themselves in a position to win and advocate hard work then there is a good chance you will inherit their traits. If you are not rising you are falling. Evaluate the people you are with and decide if they make you better or worse.

4. Stop trying to be something that you’re not.
Accept who you are and be original. There is one person you cannot lie to and that person is you. Happiness and truth go hand in hand. Remember everyone has their own way of reaching the top of the mountain.

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