It’s been well-noted socially, scientifically, and in other research that excessive consumption of alcohol can cause some serious health conditions. But when you consume more than moderate amounts of alcohol, you are not only at risk of liver disease, high blood pressure, or brain damage. Unfortunately, alcoholism can also have an adverse affect on your sex life.

Group of Friends Toasting at Party

Excessive ingestion of alcoholic beverages can harm your relationships as well as your health. Here are four significant ways alcohol affects your sex life:

  1. Impotence: Ever heard of ‘Whiskey D*#k’ or ‘Brewer’s Droop’? These terms, among others, refer to a man’s difficulty or inability in achieving an erection after consuming too much alcohol. While this problem is usually temporary and limited to the instances in which the man has too much to drink for the evening, regular over-consumption of alcohol affects your sex life with the risk of impotence.
  2. Depression: Despite the fact that alcohol may offer ‘liquid confidence’ as it is sometimes purported to do, alcohol is actually a depressant. As such, it can cause your mood to turn sad or diffident, reduce sexual desire, and other emotional effects that discourage sex.
  3. Conflict & Abuse: When alcohol is consumed beyond moderation, many people experience irrational behavior and decision-making. This can lead to conflicts – particularly if both parties are intoxicated – and with consistent conflict, couples are less likely to participate in or enjoy sex and may eventually break up. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also commonly involved in incidents of physical abuse or sexual assault.
  4. STDs & Pregnancy: Because alcohol has the effect of lowering the drinker’s inhibitors in other areas, over-consumption of alcoholic beverages can result in compromising situations. For instance, an intoxicated individual may unwisely choose to participate in unprotected sex, resulting in a higher risk of exposing themselves to STDs or an unplanned pregnancy.

Additionally, women who consume more than the government’s lower risk guidelines (1 pint of beer or 175 ml. glass of wine) may experience fertility or menstrual problems. Men are advised to limit their daily drinking to 2 or fewer pints of beer or medium glasses of wine.

Both men and women should try to maintain these moderate amounts to avoid risks to their health and the above ways in which alcohol affects your sex life negatively.