Stacy Johnson | HealthGreatness

There are a number of benefits to working out that include getting healthy, in shape and being able to sleep a little better. What about the other benefits? When deciding to work out, if you choose to have a partner or work out with a group, you will get a lot more out of your efforts without really trying. Will working out with a group or someone else make you better? Maybe, maybe not, but you will have company while trying.

1. You can save tons of money
Holding piggy bank

That’s right! If you are walking or working out with someone else or a group, you may elect to forego the expense of signing up at a gym and use those dollars for something else. When you are working together as a group or in a partnership scenario, chances are you’ll be walking at the park, riding bikes or doing some other group activity that is outside, but not at a gym. Let’s face it – most people who have gym memberships start off good, but the notion of having to drive somewhere everyday just to get in a quick workout gets tiring after some time.

2. You get motivated
Group of People Running Outdoors

It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow if you don’t have someone in your ear pushing you. When you work out with someone else or a group, you’ll be getting those incessant phone calls to get it in gear. If you enjoy the people you work out with, you’ll be ready and waiting to get started on your workout regimen.

3. Social Interaction
Group of three women stretching after sport

When working out with others, you can’t beat the social interaction. Constant interaction with others helps you meet your goals, work competitively and keeps your mind off the time. You’ll be too engaged in talking or working out with someone else to think about anything else.

4. They hold you accountable
Aerobic Pilates personal trainer in a gym group class

Yes. When you’re working out with others, they hold you accountable for not doing what you are supposed to do. If you’re supposed to be walking three miles, they will make sure you do it by sticking by your side the entire time. When working out with others, there is no cutting corners or taking the easy road out. You’ve got to stick to your guns because they are definitely going to be right there to make you do it – every step of the way. Accountability puts you on the fast track to meeting your goals, and you’ll be thanking yourself that you took the time to put forth the effort.

5. New Experiences
Group Boxing

When working out with others, there is always something new to learn. Whether you’re walking around the track shooting the breeze, or running a few miles in a club, you will always find out new information and do things that will keep you motivated to go the extra mile. The saying don’t go it alone rings true when it comes to working out. Together everyone achieves more.