Got the travel bug? Are you a sports fanatic? Worldwide sporting events are a great opportunity to experience the energy of competition in a new place. With the World Cup heating up in Brazil, it’s hard not to wish you were there to watch the action live. International sporting events bring together the best of the best on the world’s stage, igniting healthy rivalry and patriotism around the globe. There’s a sport for every type of fan—find the one that best suits you and jot it down on the bucket list.

The ultimate sporting event: Olympics
Summer 2016: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Winter 2018: PyeongChang, South Korea
Summer 2020: Tokyo, Japan
This one’s obvious. Whether it’s summer or winter games, the Olympics should be on everyone’s sporting event bucket list. This showcase of the world’s best athletes is the epitome of competition, dating back to ancient Greece in 776 BC. The games occur every two years in variation of season and location, so there is always an opportunity to plan your ideal Olympic trip.

If you like team sports: World Cup
June 12-July 13, 2014 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
It’s hard to resist the excitement of soccer’s top competition when World Cup matches seem to be streaming on every screen. The Olympics of soccer is organized tournament-style, bringing together the world’s best players to battle it out on the field. It’s too late now to catch the action in Rio, but luckily the matches occur every four years so there’s plenty of time to plan ahead.


If you like individual sports: Wimbledon
June 23-July 6, 2014 | All England Club, London, England
Play is well underway at this year’s classic tennis tournament, Wimbledon. This championship showcases white-clad pros on grass courts for competitive play in a classic English setting. The Wimbledon Championships is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and regarded as the most prestigious, making it the go-to sporting event of its kind.

If you like water sports: ISA World Surfing Games
November 1-9, 2014 | Punta Rocas, Peru  
Surf’s up—way up—at the World Surfing Games. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the International Surfing Association’s event, which brings together surfers from all over the world to fight for the best wave. Short board riders will compete in team, open and women’s divisions in Punta Rocas, Peru this November.


If you want to participate: Running of the Bulls
July 6-14, 2014 | Pamplona, Spain
The San Fermin Festival, or Running of the Bulls, is an annual Spanish tradition that fills Pamplona’s Old Town. The most famous part of the fiesta is the bull run, “encierro” in Spanish, where a bull is released to chase exhilarated runners through the narrow maze of streets. Whether you want to run for your life or sit back and avoid getting trampled, the Running of the Bulls is a wild cultural event that’s worth a spot on your travel list.


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