Carissa Watkins | HealthGreatness

In the daily whirlwind of deadlines, duties and due diligence, it can be hard to remember to stay positive. However, it can be the simplest things that put things in perspective and bring a person out of a negative mood.

Everyone needs a little positivity in their lives, especially if they are facing difficult challenges. You can create that positivity with a few simple acts of kindness, whether you know the individual on a personal level or not. It can be the smallest things that make a difference, so try these tips to make someone’s day:

1. Give someone a smooth handwritten compliment. 

Sometimes people need a quick pick me up and visualizing the complement will
give them a spark in their eyes.

2. Call an old friend and rekindling old memories. 

Have a best friend that you haven’t seen in forever? Make today the day you
reach out to them and tell them you are thinking of them. You never know what
amazing path this would lead you to.

3. Buy someone their favorite caffeinated drink. 

What better way to pick someone up with a delicious latte of some sort.
Plus the caffeine will give them an energy boost.

4. Be outrageously goofy. 

Sing a funny song off key, do a funny dance or even act out a funny scene from a movie.
Sometimes people need to be reminded to not take life so seriously. This is a sure
fire way to make someone laugh!

5. Create an inside joke and run with it. 

Everyone wants to be part of a secret society or a members only ultra VIP club
but if you want to keep it simple an inside joke between a group or two people will do.

Try one of these tips for the next ten days and you will see the difference you can make in someone else’s life.

When you see that difference, it may just make your day!