Brittany Rice

When it comes to sex, most people just engage in it and don’t think to talk about too much of anything. A lot of the time, people don’t plan to have sex, it occurs in the heat of the moment. Instead of taking things as they come, talk to your partner about these five things before and after sex. You will be surprised at how much discussing these issues help!

5. What’s Your Fantasy? Fetish?
Fetishes and fantasies are not something the average couple discusses. Why? For some individuals, it’s a touchy subject, and for others, they’re an open book and can’t wait to share some of their fetishes and fantasies. When you discuss these particular subjects, don’t judge your partner. Listen! It’s great to discuss fetishes and fantasies to avoid unwanted surprises in the bedroom Nothing will ruin the moment like doing something your partner does not want. There is no worse moment killer!

4. Know Your Partner’s Definition of “Exclusive”
When you say exclusive, you could mean one thing and your partner can think another. Make it clear what your definition of this word is. It’s a give and take situation. You may have to compromise a little to meet your partner halfway to make sure you both get something you want from the relationship. If you can’t deal with any of the terms discussed, you may want to find another relationship to avoid serious problems in the future.

3. Become Familiar with Their Personal Preferences
The trade-off is when your partner does something you like and you do something your partner likes. When you know what your partner likes, it’s easier to trade-off and “switch calendars”. Although your sexual calendars may be different, there is nothing communication cannot work out. The key to success in this situation is sharing how you like it and when you like it with your partner. Your partner may like to use a certain type of protection you are not fond of using. This topic needs to be discussed thoroughly before you have intercourse.

2. Never Keep Sexual Secrets
One of the most touchy subjects regarding sex is a person’s sexual history. A lot of people believe this is personal information, and to a sense, it is. You do not have to discuss your sexual history with everyone, but the person you intend on having sex with should know who and what they are dealing with. When your partner decides to sleep with you, they are taking a risk that you are being truthful to them and not putting them in harm’s way. This is a sensitive topic, but something that must be discussed. Your partner needs to know about nay current or previous STD’s and if you are currently having intercourse with people. Always be truthful!

1. Enjoy Yourself!
Having sex is not bad. A lot of people may portray it as such, but it’s not. There is a right and wrong way to do everything. The more your partner knows about you, the more likely they are to trust you and open up to you. Do not take your partner’s trust for granted. Enjoy yourself and everything your partner has to offer, but have fun responsibly.