Selena Reyez

Running is a great way to keep fit, challenge yourself and keep your heart healthy. In fact, studies show that regular running could add up to 3 years to your lifespan! Whether you have a gym membership or prefer to hit the trails outside in the fresh air, running is one of the most efficient and accessible ways to stay fit. Running is also a great way to keep challenging your athletic skills and push yourself to new levels of fitness. To get the most out of your running game and continually challenge your body, check out these performance boosting tips.

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Running Performance

Warm Up
If you find yourself having trouble keeping your running pace after the first 5 or 10 minutes, it may be because you haven’t properly warmed your muscles up before hitting the pavement. It is very important to give your body ample time to warm up and adapt to the exertion that running requires. Warm your body up by doing a few stretches and jogging in place before beginning your run.

Switch Up the Program
If you find yourself putting in plenty of effort but not seeing a ton of results, your current running program may not be working. While experts agree that you should try to avoid huffing and puffing at the end of your run, switching up your training schedule in order to challenge your body can easily increase your overall performance.

Stay Hydrated
This may seem like a no brainer but many runners don’t drink water while running. If you find yourself feeling sluggish during or after your run, it may be because you aren’t staying hydrated. Never hit the trail without a water bottle and be sure to stop and drink up during your run. In fact, experts suggest drinking water before, during and after a workout to keep your body properly hydrated.

Invest in Better Shoes
Avoiding injuries altogether may be impossible but you can decrease your chances by investing in proper running shoes. When you first start training it may seem like any pair of tennis shoes will do the trick but as time goes on, you’ll need a real pair of running shoes to help protect you from common injuries like sprains and strains and to boost your overall performance.

Get the Gear
Do you find yourself getting overheated on your runs or do you wait to run until later in the day in fear of cold mornings? It may be because you aren’t using proper running gear. New technology has made exercise clothing more advanced than ever before. With the right gear you can enjoy breathable, water resistant and form fitting clothing that is specifically designed to increase your running performance.