Diane le Carrà| HealthGreatness

Tanning beds sound like the perfect solution, especially during the cold and sunless winter months. Before you make that decision, there are health issues to consider.

The World Organization’s International Agency for Cancer Research, along with other major health agencies in Canada, Europe and abroad, have collectively taken a position to expose the dangers of tanning beds.

Premature Aging, Wrinkling, And Sun Spots
Tanning beds may seem healthy, but Indoor tanning with ultraviolet (UV) tanners can cause skin wrinkling, premature agind and are 74 percent more likely to cause melanoma (skin cancer).

Hair Damage:
Just like the sun, the lamps used with tanning beds emit UV rays which can lighten hair color and damage hair. Dry, brittle hair can cause problems including hair loss.

If you’re determined to use a tanning bed, apply a hair product that protects hair from harmful rays. Then, cover hair completely with a thick terry towel.

We highly recommend coconut oil as a natural conditioner for dry hair. Another tip your grandmother may have shared is a teaspoon of mayo, followed by a plastic hair cover for 15 minutes. It’s sensational and any brand will do!!

dissapointed young woman looks at the tops of her hair

Immune System Suppression
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), regardless of race, the body’s immune system and skin defenses may be suppressed by overexposure to UV radiation. This can cause reduced immunization effects and unwanted reactions to certain medications.(2)

Let’s touch on the importance of Vitamin D3. For those living in the northern states, it’s a challenge during the winter. You should be taking a daily vitamin supplement with plently of B vitamins for stress, and 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily.

Skin Cancer (melanoma)
Tanning beds and lamps were recently included by WHO in a list of the most dangerous forms of cancer-causing radiation. There is concern about the lack of regulations especially for young children and people under 30 due to increased lifelong risks.


Whether harmful rays are from a tanning bed or natural UV light, they can cause damage and cataract formation. Tanning salons require UV-safe tanning eyewear for customers. Goggles are your best bet.

Sunglasses are cool fashion accessories, so be sure to have several pair. The sun’s UV eye damage is cumulative. Wear UVA/UVB protection sunglasses year round for overcast days, summer sun, allergies, and protection against winter winds and snow glare.