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There are many different ways to tell you are in a happy and thriving relationship. Emotions play a significant role in being happy in your relationship, but there are a few other contributing factors. Here are five ways to tell you are in a happy, thriving relationship.

Being Okay with Differences

Everyone is different, and differences are some of the things that make a relationship stronger when you are in a happy relationship. When you don’t have to pretend everything your partner likes to stroke their ego, this is one sign you are in a happy relationship. You both should be able to express your opinions and views on certain situations without egos being crushed.

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I Know You!

When you take the time to get to know a person, you find it easier to finish their sentences and know many of the things they enjoy. In a relationship, you don’t have to spend two to three hours deciding on the places that are available to enjoy a meal, you already know! When one partner knows what the other likes, a lot of situations are smooth sailing.

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True Love?

As humans, we make plenty mistakes and some mistakes me make more than once. When two people love each other, one or two mistakes or the same mistakes along the way will not be the end of the relationship. There will come times where you just don’t seem yourself and things are really bad or really good. If it’s a truly happy relationship, you and your partner can get through any trials and tests of time.

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Much Better Sex

Intercourse is a part of a relationship indeed, but it should not control or dominate the relationship. If your relationship is based on sex, this is more of an arrangement and not a relationship. When you have sex with your partner, it’s the greatest sex ever because you are physically and emotionally attached.


No Obligation

Being in a committed relationship is one thing, but you should never feel obligated to do anything, such as hang out, cook, or anything else. In a happy relationship, you do things because you want to, not because you think it is expected of you. When you are not obligated to do anything for your partner, you will want to do more to please them naturally instead of being forced.

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