Brittany Rice | HealthGreatness

There are a lot of things that women do that push men away and drive them up a wall and down the other side, but these six things can be deal breakers for men. You may want to pay attention to a few of these instances, as you may be doing them and not realize.

6. Fishing for Issues
As the saying goes, when you go knocking on trouble’s door, sooner or later, someone will answer. A lot of women look for things that are wrong with their partner or the relationship, often because they are insecure and afraid due to past relationships. Some women go through their boyfriend’s phone and hack their social media accounts, such as Facebook because their relationship is probably at a good point and they feel things are too good to be true.

5. Too Clingy/Emotional
Some women are too clingy or emotional. Being in love give some people a feeling they have never felt and never want to let go. Calling every hour on the hour or every 10 minutes literally, is frustrating and annoying. A lot of the time, women believe they are showing their love and dedication when really it’s one reason to make a man cut all forms of communication and run in the other direction.

4. The Past
Everyone has a past, but a man does not want to relive his past or yours. Previous relationships may come up in general conversation, but it should not be the topic of discussion for every conversation. No man wants to hear about another man being with you and he doesn’t want to be reminded of his past mistakes. Leave the past in the past and make a bright future.

3. Drama
Drama! Drama! Read all about it! No man wants to constantly hear drama, nor does he want to be a part of it. If you are constantly involved in dramatic situations, it will surely scare the pants off any man and make him look elsewhere for love. Being a drama queen is not becoming of a woman and it is not attractive.

2. Negativity
No one enjoys being around a negative Nancy. If you never look on the positive side of things, you will be known as a “Debbie downer”. It will become extremely difficult to enjoy your company when everything about you, especially your conversation, is negative. No man wants you to rain on their parade and kill their vibe of getting to know you.

1. Over Analyzing
The number one thing women do to push men away is over analyzing everything. Ladies, sometimes you have to sit back and watch the good times roll instead of thinking of the worst thing that could possibly happen. There are positive and negative things that occur in life naturally, so don’t be afraid to embrace whatever comes your way.