Selena Reyez| HealthGreatness

When it comes to living a more healthy lifestyle, it pays to take a good look at your diet every once in a while. This is especially true for people who are having trouble staying energized throughout the day and anyone who needs extra help burning fat. Trying out a plant-based diet is an easy way to increase your overall health and decrease your chances of dealing with major medical issues later in life. While not the same as eating strictly vegan —which means you consume zero animal products— many experts agree that a plant-based diet can allow for small amounts of fish and even lean meats on occasion. A diet based heavily in plants and fruits is a great way to loose weight, feel energized, prevent chronic diseases and much more.

7 Benefits of Trying a Plant-Based Diet

Heart Health

A diet consisting of mostly veggies, fruits, nuts, beans and whole grains can greatly reduce your chances of dealing with heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Additionally, eating plant-based can help reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Diabetes Prevention

Nearly 387 million people are currently living with diabetes and switching to a plant-based diet can help decrease your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Because type 2 diabetes is completely preventable, many people are choosing to make the switch to a diet that includes less meat and dairy.

Weight Loss

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help you to feel fuller on fewer calories. Studies show that on average, people who eat a plant-based diet often consume less calories than those who eat a diet that is based heavily in dairy or red meat.

High Fiber

Fruits and vegetables are naturally high in fiber ands are great for aiding your digestion. As an added bonus, foods that are high in fiber will help keep you “regular” and can prevent constipation.

Increased Energy

Foods that are animal based are much harder for your body to digest and can easily overwhelm your digestive system. By eating plant-based, you can help conserve your energy for other things like working out and enjoying other physical activities.

Decrease Inflammation

As you age, the chances that you’ll have to deal with joint pain during and after a workout greatly increases. Joint pain and inflammation have been closely linked with diets that are high in animal products. If you are tired of dealing with painful inflammation, a plant-based diet may be your ticket to relief.

Clear Skin

Animal products are high in saturated fats and because of this, diets that heavily feature animal products are often linked to clogged pores. Alternatively, fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, phytochemicals and pigments that can naturally improve the look and feel of your skin.