Brittany Rice | HealthGreatness

Men can be just as complex and complicated as women. Don’t let them fool you! There are many different ways to keep a man happy, but they won’t tell you. You just have to try a little trial and error. Here are seven ways you can keep a man happy without sacrificing your sanity.

7. Be Spontaneous

Men love a woman who is spontaneous. Step outside of your comfort zone sometimes so you both can experience an adventure of a lifetime. Doing the same things repeatedly is boring. Men want to be excited and surprised.

6. Smile

Not too many men want a woman who always looks angry or is upset. Show your pearly whites to him and the world. Men love to see a woman smile. If you’re always angry and upset, he feels as if he isn’t doing his job. Smile and let him know he’s doing something right!

5. Have a Drink

It’s okay to have a drink. It doesn’t have to be anything hard like moonshine or whiskey. You can relax and unwind with a wine cooler or beer and let the good times roll. A man loves a woman who can relax and enjoy herself. Keep in mind there is a difference between relaxing and unwinding and getting wasted.

4. Be a Lady

Nothing catches a man’s attention than a lady. Men love when a woman is classy and elegant. Some men love a woman who is stuck up and some don’t. You have to try a little trial and error here. Always look presentable and respect yourself. You can be sexy without looking like a something out of a music video.

3. Goals and Morals

Men love a woman who has her head on straight and purpose in life. A lot of men know what they want out of life, where they are going and how they are going to get there, and they want a woman who does the same. There is nothing better than a woman and man who share the same goals, ethics and morals. These are the ingredients that build the perfect power couple.

2. Education

Educate yourself! A man loves a woman who is educated. When you lack an education, there are a lot of things you may not understand and it could cause problems within the relationship. If you want to keep a man happy, have an intelligent conversation. Men don’t want to talk about sex all the time. You should be able to hold a conversation about many different things that occur in the world, including business, finance, and technology. A lot of men are business gurus and enjoy having a conversation with a woman who understands the lingo.

1. Hygiene

The number one way to keep a man happy is to take care of yourself! Nothing is better than a clean woman that smells incredible. You may have a beautiful face and body to match, but surprisingly, a man will remember your scent before he remembers anything else about you.