Don’t let diabetes deter you from smooth travels. Like any other personal items you need packed, your diabetic supplies can come along wherever you’re going and for however long. Before travel by plane, be sure to check out the American Diabetes Association’s Fact Sheet – Air Travel and Diabetes for rules and regulations. Here are some handy diabetes travel supplies that may just save your next vacation—and your life.

Traveling with Diabetes 11 tips to make it easy for you

D.I. Insulin Carrying Case

This Medicool product transports your insulin and syringes in a sleek, discreet carrying case. The portable and compact case holds two vials of insulin, two syringes and alcohol swabs. The D.I. Case is constructed of lightweight aluminum with a fitted insert, resembling an eyeglass case. Priced at less than $20 this is an affordable product that’s easy to take on the go.

Dia-Pak Classic

Organize up to a week’s supply of all your required diabetic supplies in the Dia-Pak classic. This carrying case is made of durable nylon and a leak-proof gel pack to keep insulin cool for hours. It is easily refrigerated and contains a variety of pockets and storage components to keep your things organized. The best part? It’s only about $20! For a longer trip, the Dia-Pak Deluxe is designed the same way but with more space to accommodate up to two weeks of diabetic supplies. With this compact case, you’ll be set and stress-free for your next extended vacation.

Frio Cool Pouch

The Frio Cool Pouch keeps insulin bottles and pens cool without refrigeration. This individual wallet stays cool for up to 45 hours, so it’s a great way to take your insulin on the road when you don’t have access to refrigeration. It’s activated using tap water, and can be used and re-activated over and over. The pouch can hold one diabetic pen or two vials—ideal for active travelers.

Wright Prefilled Syringe Case

This Medicool case makes transporting your prefilled insulin syringes as easy as carrying a ballpoint pen. The case safely holds the syringe plunder with your specific dosage and preset position. It’s impact-resistant, designed to fit in a purse or pocket, and includes both a black and white case.

All these products and more can be purchased online at Diabetic Care Services & Pharmacy.