It is well-known that diet and exercise are the crucial factors to your overall well-being. Doing a series of workouts like aerobic activities, resistance training, eating good fruits and vegetables are the best options to optimize your well-being.

But if you wish to attain certain goals like eliminating heart diseases, removing unwanted fat from your body, adding more muscle mass, increasing your strength, endurance, mental sharp, energy levels and reducing fatigue.

You need to focus on one after the other. Most of the times, your emphasis on exercise not knowing that what you eat is much more important for a healthy life

For example, if you are consuming more calories than what you are burning, and you want an energy balance. You can achieve this by exercising, exercise consumed more calories than what you think.

Relationship between diet and Exercise

Both are related to each other, it depends on your main reasons for dieting, you may find another person that exercise is more beneficial to his goal. If you’re losing weight for health reasons like heart disease, high blood sugar. Then diet is your best option.

If you’re losing weight for fitness reasons like stamina, getting lean muscle, strength, power and energy. Go for exercise. Diet and exercise work together when it comes to health and fitness. Eating too much of junk food may affect your performance at the gym.

However, if you are eating a healthy diet but not exercising. It will be difficult for you to maintaining a healthy weight.

If you want to achieve a good health and long vibrant life, combine diet with regular exercise. Meet your doctor to advise you on vitamins and supplements that will aid your goal.

Benefits of Diet

A healthy, portion-controlled diet means you take in fewer saturated and trans fats, added sugars and refined flours, which are conducive to weight gain. A healthy diet reduces your risk of developing chronic diseases and improves your energy.

Even losing just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight can have positive health implications. Portion control is also essential, however. You can easily overeat healthy foods to create a calorie surplus and gain weight.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercise helps you to achieve lean muscle mass, burn more calories, increases your energy and strength. If you add physical activity to your daily routine, you burn more excess calories which stimulate weight loss.

Benefits of exercise are far more than just losing weight or you achieving the beach shape. It benefits everything from your sleep quality, strength, flexibility, increasing self-confidence, memory and preventing risks of heart diseases.

When your weight is not stable, you tend to gain fat. If you lose today, you regain tomorrow. it is not consistent you end up with a higher percentage of fat than when you started. Exercise can help you to counteract these effects

Diet versus Exercise

Choosing either of these two options depends on your goals, if you wish to lose weight which one works better for you or you want to gain muscle. And most importantly, which will work better for a healthy living. Let’s compare the two together;

  • Ease of Change: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Diet)

Diet is definitely the easier of the two to change. It requires much less commitment to counting calories and cutting some out than going to the gym and exercise. And deciding to exercise at home? You actually have to research/invest in equipment!

So if you’re aware you’re a bit of a slacker, a diet might be best for you. You can also boost your vitamin intake with supplements if you’re worried that you might accidentally lose out on some vital nutrients.

  • Long-Term Change: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Exercise)

Despite diet being easy to initiate, it’s easier to fall back on too. One bad weekend and a break-up later and you’re two pints of ice cream down and regretting it instantly.

The advantage of exercise is that once you’ve built it into a habit (the tricky part) your diet can fluctuate a little and you can make up for it with some extra work. If you know you tend to meander and get lost, try exercising.

If you get serious about it, try taking some protein supplements and you’ll find the change you want even more dramatic.

  • Feeling More Awake, getting energized? Diet or Exercise (Winner: Exercise)

If you feel sluggish and tired most of the day, and you want to feel more energized, exercise is the way forward. It’ll help to pump out dopamine into your brain, giving you a huge energy boost.

It’s also good for those of you who may have low mood as it’s a far more effective pick-up than a diet (and it’s guilt-free, unlike chocolate). It’s possible that your low energy could be a lack of vitamin D though, so check in with a doctor too.

  • Lose It Quick! Diet or Exercise (Winner: Diet)

Diet is the way. You’ll see a more obvious change, far more quickly. If you want instant results to encourage you, dieting is the way forward. However, don’t diet too much – you can end up bloating, and that’s definitely not the look you’re after!

Make sure you actually change your meals, rather than relying on vitamins and supplements and not eating. They should be used as part of a diet, not the diet itself!

  • Decreased Risk of Disease: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Diet)

While exercise can help you with heart disease and diabetes, it’s your diet that makes the most difference here.

However, in this case you shouldn’t just follow one you find online, if it’s to prevent/cope with a particular illness, you really should be talking to a doctor about it before you start!

  • Increased Stamina: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Exercise)

Ever wondered why you get short of breath on the stairs or you get tired easily? It’s because you have low stamina. Whilst dieting can help somewhat, exercise is the way forward here.

You want to train your body to deal with various activities, and the only way to do this is through practice.

  • Least Peer Pressure: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Exercise)

The toughest part of dieting is going out with friends or colleagues and eating meals with them.
You’ll likely get questioned, and if you know you tend to succumb to peer pressure easily.

It’s worth going for exercise instead. The only peer pressure you’ll get at the gym is to do more, and that’s the beneficial kind

  • Least Embarrassing: Diet or Exercise (Winner: Diet)

Maybe you’re a bit shy or worry about what people think. Exercising to start with may seem a challenge, you might not want to run in public or head to the gym.

Whilst home exercise is possible, it may be best to start off by dieting and then, once your confidence has grown, moving onto exercising a bit later.

The Final Verdict is…

The secret is indeed in the combination of eating healthy and having regular physical activity. However, your diet should definitely come first.

The study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition a few years ago revealed that people who switched to high-protein diets and meal replacements produced much better results than those who just exercised and didn’t modify their diets at all.

So, next time your tummy starts revving, just grab some fruit (like a banana) and say no to junk food.