Working in corporate America might be good for your financial future, but those long hours at your desk putting together presentation decks and responding to emails isn’t beneficial for your health. Even if you don’t have the time to hit the gym more than once a week, you can jump on the deskercize bandwagon to keep active between workouts. These simple exercises combine short rounds of strength exercises, aerobics and stretching that won’t get you ready for a marathon, but they will help you to burn calories, improve your strength and stay fit throughout long workdays.

Walk the Walk

If you’ve become complacent in your day-to-day routine, one simple little change can make a big difference in your day. Instead of taking the elevator to the office, use the stairs. You’ll keep your fitness tracker busy and you’ll avoid any mundane chit chat with co-workers along the way. Bonus points if your office is on a higher floor, as a 15-minute stair climb offers the same fitness benefits as a 30-minute run on flat ground.

Instead of sending out an email, get up and walk to your manager’s office. If you can do this several times per day, you’ll start to shed the sedentary lifestyle. Even if you have nowhere to go, you can still take care of your heart by standing up at your desk and doing a stationary jog. Do this in one-minute bursts several times per day for a healthier heart.

Keep It On the Down Low

If you don’t have a private office or you spend an inordinate amount of time in meetings, you can do these exercises to stay fit without anybody knowing. Squeeze your buttocks, holding for five to 10 seconds, and then relax. Keep up this isometric glute exercise until the meeting is over, and you’ll have a perfectly formed butt in no time. Play to your inner Michael Jackson by tapping your toes dance-style underneath your desk to tone your calves, or raise and straighten your legs, holding them in place for at least five seconds. Do a few sets per day of 15 reps each time, and you’ll have the folks at the gym wondering what you’ve been doing with your spare time.

Don’t Forget Your Shoulders and Arms

Grab that full-size stapler and get to work on those biceps. You can use these to do 12 to 15 reps of bicep curls while you’re seated at your desk or standing at the photocopy machine. Waiting in the hallway for the conference room to open up? Lean against the wall while supporting your upper body with your forearm. Lean toward the wall until it almost touches your upper arm, and then push away. Rinse and repeat for at least 15 reps or until your meeting is getting started.

No matter how many hours you put in at the office, there are plenty of exercises you can do to stay in shape. Think about the exercises you do at the gym, and then find creative ways to fit them into your workday. Your heart and your health will thank you.