Rachael Vice | HealthGreatness

There is a ton of advice out there for people who feel that just about every time they get an exercise routine going and have a goal in sight, they become sick and lose that momentum.

It can lead to that ever present doubt sneaking around in your psyche that suspects your sudden proclivity to catch” the cold du jour” so easily might be related to all this exercise.”

“What? I was supposed to be getting healthy!”

Well, it’s not just in your head.

A recent study through the Los Angeles Marathon discovered one out of every seven runners became ill in the days after the event. Runners who trained more than 60 miles in a week in the months before the event also became ill. Experts have found that those who exercise 90 minutes a day or more cut their immunity by half.

Walking or running legs in forest, adventure and exercising

But moderate trainers remained healthier than their inactive friends.

So what does this mean if you wake with that scratchy throat or stuffy head?

If you do not have a fever or body aches and your symptoms are basically above the neck, you can kick it in gear, said fitness expert and running club leader Sheila Gay. Just make sure it is second or third gear instead of fifth, she said..

“This might be a great time to do some yoga or take a walk instead of getting that heart rate up there,” Gay said. “We all love that chemical high we get after a great run, but if your body is fighting even a cold, it is likely that rest is what your body most needs.”

Gay added that a great way to determine whether to go ahead and kick it in gear is to take your resting heart rate when you wake up.  An accelerated heart rate can be the first signal that the body is working at  something you may not even be aware of.

According to Gay, the best way to preserve your hard work toward your goal is to pick an activity that keeps your joints and body moving, because movement is healing. Just dial down the intensity and allow the body to refresh.

“If you keep stressing hard training at these times, it is likely you will extend your illness and could even make yourself dangerously ill,” she said.