No one likes to get halfway through a workout or a run and suddenly feel sluggish or sick. It’s an easy way to ruin your gym session and makes getting fit a little less fun. Most of the time whatever you ate last is to blame. A car fueled with maple syrup wouldn’t take you on a road trip, just as a body fueled with the wrong food won’t work at its peak performance. Here are five foods to avoid before a workout.


Foods and drinks high in sugar will send your energy levels soaring but only for a short period of time. The crash we sometimes feel partway into a workout is what happens when we come down from a sugar high. Smoothies, soda and granola bars all have added sugar. They make a great snack but aren’t beneficial in the long run. Carbohydrates and protein provide long term energy perfect for a pre-workout meal.

Deep fried and greasy foods

While an order of French fries is enough to make anyone want to hit the gym, it won’t be the most comfortable workout. Greasy foods sit heavy in the stomach and can cause bloating. Fats take a long time to digest so they sit in the stomach longer causing discomfort.

High fiber (Including whole grains)

This one may seem crazy, we know. Whole grain foods along with foods high in fiber are important in a healthy diet. Especially when trying to lose weight. However, fibrous foods take a long time to digest. Believe it or not, this also includes leafy greens. A salad may seem like a solid choice for a pre-workout meal but lettuce, broccoli and other high fiber vegetables take a long time to digest. Your body has difficulty breaking down those fibers while performing activities like running or biking at the same time.

Spicy Food

This is heartburn waiting to happen. Indian, Asian and Mexican foods are heavy on the heat which leads to heart burn later. Even a spicy dinner can make for a lousy morning workout so even though that curry sounds good now, you may regret it later at the gym.

Anything Acidic

Unfortunately this category includes coffee. The caffeinated beverage and fruit juices are delicious but the acidity can cause acid reflux. This includes heartburn and stomach acid backing up into throat. Other foods that can trigger heartburn and acid reflux are carbonated drinks, alcohol and chocolate.  The worst contributors are coffee and fruits, especially citrus fruits.

Hitting the gym, biking or running should be something to enjoy. There’s no reason to make it more difficult. Avoid an awful workout by avoiding these foods.