Rachael Vice | HealthGreatness

“I hate my job, but I’m stuck.”

Ask yourself if you have ever had a job that felt like that?

Perhaps the truth is, you’re like the over 70 percent of people who hate their jobs. You might even be older and paying to support a family or paying off loans and so you stick it out. And while paying your way is the right thing to do, many times those are excuses to keep us from doing the hard, frightening work of self discovery.

Yellow road warning sign , Solutions Ahead , 3d render

Yellow road warning sign , Solutions Ahead , 3d render

Do you feel bogged down and unable to sort out your true calling or passion?

Here are five steps to get you started toward unraveling what sometimes turns out to be a surprisingly stubborn resistance in our own minds to what we really love:

1. The Love List – Take some quiet, personal time in a spot where you feel inspired. Begin to write a list of 100 things that give you pleasure or are things you love. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or as complex as a physical science course you took. The key here is to not judge your list and be sure to push through to 100.

2. The Groupings – When your list is complete, begin grouping your items in an expansive way, such as “Outdoor Activities” or “Working with Machines”. Allow the information to guide you about how to name the groups instead of the other way around.

3. The Real Jobs – After grouping your list, put your groupings in the order of which one has the most love items in it. Then, out to the side, list 10 jobs that you can find that fall into each category. It is important that you remain true to the process and avoid negative statements such as, “I can’t do that job because…,” It is this mental dialog that has you feeling stuck in the first place.

4. How Can I? – Now, be brave and consider this question. How can I make one of these jobs work? Make a list of things you are willing to do to make this work.

5. The Interview – Now picture yourself five years from now being interviewed by a reporter about your remarkable success, The reporter is asking you to describe a day in your life starting from the moment you wake. How would you love to be able to answer that question? Write out your answer.

We all have the answers already hidden within us.

Most times it is fear – fear we will have a glimpse of our passion but lose it – that keeps us stuck.

You can do this!