Nick Olsen is a personal trainer/Life coach and fitness model. He has a lot of passion for fitness and health and helping people implementing healthy habits to create a higher quality of life.

Below is a video about Nick’s life, it is very inspiring and motivational! Watch it and check the rest of the interview!

Healthgreatness: You’re story is so inspiring, even though you struggled in the begining, would you have changed any of your experieces?
Nick: I know people say that they would never change anything, but I for sure would change a few things about my past. Not out of regret, but out of unnecessary self sabotage. I have learned so much from all of my experiences in life and I carry all of it my heart. I know what I will never go back to doing. I have totally different perspective on life now and my past keeps me in that perspective.

HealthGreatness: How do you stay motivated in your career?
Nick: I have so much passion for helping other people. It fulfills me when I can play a small role in someones life, so they dont have to go through what i went trough. It bring me so much joy and happiness to have a plat form to share my message from. So my motivations comes from feedback and observing other people. I feel like I have a mission here in life. Something thats way bigger than me and I am just going with my heart and where the universe takes me.

HealthGreatness: What’s one of the biggest things you’ve accomplished in your life fitness career?
Nick: From a competitors stand point it was winning the national championship in my home country Denmark. I traveled back there to compete and I won in front my family and friends. Such an empowering and emotional win.

HealthGreatness: Do you have any advice or inspirational words for someone who is wants to get fit but does not know how to start?
Nick: Creating change in your life takes commitment and a true and pure desire to wanting the change. Start by asking your self these questions:
1. What do I want
2. Why do I want it
3. How will I get it.

These 3 questions will be the foundation for your new life and you can always track everything back to that. So if you get demotivated or clueless about why you started the new journey pull this out.
Being successful at anything requires hard and smart work. So be prepared to do what ever it takes, because you know WHY you want it.

HealthGreatness: Do you have a motto that you live by?
Nick: He who has a powerful enough Why , can bear any How . Nietzche

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