Where you always an athletic person growing up?
Yes! I was always doing something from tap dance, ballet, to hip hop dancing, baseball, horseback riding, dirt bikes, snowboarding, wake boarding, basketball, the gym or just anything that involved me being active! My parents couldn’t keep up with me! I remember a period around age 3 my mom always had a leash on me or being strapped in my car seat cause i was always running off exploring!

How and when did you start getting into fitness?
I really got into fitness when i started working my first job at 16. There was a gym next to my retail job and i was hooked right away! I didn’t know what i was doing at first, but i am a “doer” i learn best by actually putting action into something and doing it over and over! If you try to explain something to me you have a lost me! Hands on girl here! As i got more involved into fitness, everything else followed. Gym routines, diet, cardio etc I did go through a period around age 21 I mostly did cardio, my diet was terrible (fast food, energy drinks, frozen dinners) and yes lots of drinking! Hence in the long run i gained quite a bit of weight! After discovering nothing fit, i felt terrible and tired all the time and having lost my dad to a heart condition at the time, i decided enough was enough and i wanted to take better care of myself! Thats where i really cleaned up my diet, wanted to understand nutrition more and just training in general!

How has fitness and living a healthy lifestyle changed your life?
Well i has changed my life dramatically! Not only do i feel amazing, but it has really challenged me mentally to become a better person inside and out. To reach my goals and that nothing can stop me, the only person that can keep you from what you want is yourself! I feel so energized i even look younger then when i wasn’t taking care of myself! My skin is glowing, my hair, nails my whole body is glowing,happy and healthy! I wake up happy everyday and I feel so alive! I have met so many wonderful people who have been a huge influence on me and have helped me in my own journey! Me and my fiancé are proud owners of our own gym in our home town Auburn CA. We have had the gym for over 5 years and i seriously couldn’t love what i do more! And doing it with my fiancé! We have been together for 7 years! We share a passion and love for this lifestyle and absolutely love sharing it and helping others with there own goals in health and fitness!

What are some of the best moments of your life that you realized this was the lifestyle for you?
This last year after i competed at my first NPC compeition. I had did a 12 week prep and made it to the stage! All the hard works, strict diet, 7 day training sessions, exhaustion, was worth it! I learned so much about myself and what i really loved about this lifestyle! After my competition because i was on such a restricted diet and over doing the cardio but body rebound post show! My metabolism was ruined! I had about 15 pound water/fat gain. I was so unhappy and insecure about how i looked and felt but wouldn’t let it stop me! I took about 6 weeks and had to rehab my metabolism. My body bounced back pretty quick, but it led me to become a nutrition coach. Were i became certified in sports nutrition! I wanted to understand the sports diet more and avoid what happened to me in the future and anyone else! I found to achieve the look you want you don’t need to restrict yourself or do TONS of cardio. I am now happy, enjoy all foods and rarely do any cardio! Mostly weight training these days! and i love it!

You are the CEO Life Altering Fitness, how did this happen?
My fiancé Zach Striplin purchased the company over 5 years ago and we have been partners in it ever since! Ever evolving and making this place unique and beneficial to all levels of experience and goals. We strive to help others to be the best version of themselves! We not only have diet coaching, personal training or just basic gym use, we also coach Muay Thai, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, extreme bootcamps and more!

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