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How often a man needs to change his razor is not only a question of time, but one of quality and technology, too. Don’t get stuck in the dark ages with a razor that’s out of date and know when it is time to upgrade, based on the razor and how it works for you.

Electric Razors 
Obviously frequency is a factor. Using a razor everyday puts wear on the motor and all other parts. It is generally recommended that you change the blades every 12 months or if they start to feel dull. Changing the razor itself is a timing issue too, as the quality of the motor and gears diminish over time with continuous use. When to change the razor depends on the quality of the razor. A razor that was carefully researched for quality and craftsmanship will last longer than one purchased on sale at the drug store on a whim. Buying for quality will reduce the time before another razor needs to be purchased.

Depending on the way you care for your electric razor is another determining factor on when it needs to be replaced. If you meticulously keep it clean and change the blades and parts before they wear out, the razor will last much longer. If you simply put your electric razor down and walk out of the bathroom when you’re done, then it will wear out quicker as it’s not oiled, cleaned and maintained.

Traditional Razors

The average razor blade is going to need changing after about 5 uses. There are differing opinions on this, though. For multi-blade cartridges, you might hear as often as every 3 times or as much as after 7 uses. A lot of this depends on the quality of the razor and how coarse your facial hair is. Some razors have indicator strips to help you keep track of when it’s time to replace it, but the bottom line is if the razor starts to ‘pull’ on your hair when you’re shaving with the grain, it has definitely dulled and it’s time to change it.

How often is also going to depend on how well you take care of the razor. After every use, rinsing it with hot water, cleaning and drying it, and not leaving it on a wet sink will extend its use. This regular maintenance will slow down the dulling and oxidation process on the blade and add a few more uses to it.

Interestingly enough, while most people typically estimate how long their razors last by the number of uses, Gillette recently provided a different answer. In a recent commercial, the world’s leading razor blade company told viewers that their blades last up 5 weeks with regular use.

If you want your razor to last even longer, there’s always the old school method of using a straight razor. This is a method most people are unfamiliar with but once you learn, you’ll only ever have to buy the one blade and just keep it sharpened over time.