Magnises is a unique, one of a kind company that offers its members who live in New York City, Washington, DC and San Francisco a new way to thrive and remain healthy. Individuals who choose to become members receive a variety of benefits ranging from complimentary indoor cycling sessions to lifestyle and nutrition counseling, not to mention a dramatic boost of social activities through access to specially curated exclusive events.

While Magnises offers its members perks when it comes to living the good life, it also offers many health benefits that promote a fuller, more active lifestyle. A few of the most popular health benefits include:

  • On demand, discounted massages by MassageNow
  • Exclusive pricing reserved only for Magnises members at well known gyms like CYC and David Barton
  • On demand, discounted meetings with e-nutritionist Tovita

Magnises offers a healthy selection of services that allow members reduce the daily stress and avoid empty distractions of living in metropolitan areas. Magnises members also gain access to a number of unique and exclusive events that expand social horizons and promote a quality and healthy lifestyle.

Magnises members have a healthy selection of entertainment and night life activities, which further reduces the stress of having to search for the right venue. Magnises’ constantly expanding partner network offers its members an exceptional opportunity of “on demand” services for a low monthly fee.