Living in a generation where most relationships are formed by swiping right on Tinder, it can be difficult to see the fine line between romance and indifference. While romance is not particularly imperative in a casual relationship, psychologists have found that the two essential ingredients needed in order to remain happy as a monogamous couple is communication and spontaneity.

Talking with one another is important in order to understand what each person hopes to gain from the relationship and to create full disclosures on any problems or difficulties either party may be facing. Most importantly, being able to deeply discuss each other’s personal lives, goals, and aspirations also helps in ultimately growing closer as an emotionally involved couple.

Keeping each other on your toes is also essential in protecting the spark that keeps the relationship alive. We fall victim to the ruts that are formed in our monotonous everyday lives, as well as the intimate lives we share with our partners. As a millennial, it may be challenging to see past the “Netflix and chill” mentality that so many relationships have taken a turn to these days, and those Netflix holes can admittedly be a struggle to crawl out of – but it can certainly be done. Instead of sitting around the apartment together, make an effort to go out once in a while. See a movie, take each other out to dinner, go to local bars, take a drive to an unfamiliar location, etc. Lounge time is important but so is quality date time, where the two of you can explore old and new interests together, outside of the comfort of your own home(s).

Romance is the key to a strong relationship, and the act of balancing an extemporaneous-yet-contented lifestyle, as well as being comfortable enough to openly chat about typically uncomfortable topics, is the glue that holds together the crucial romance needed in order to keep a relationship afloat.

It is important to make time for each other, without the presence of technology or other distractions getting in the way. Being together means being there both physically and mentally, without the possibility of thoughts being tied up elsewhere. Setting aside some time for romance with your partner is a significant duty for any dedicated relationship, especially in a world where it has seemingly become an afterthought for some people. Whether it simply be taking a picturesque walk together where two of you can have time to talk and appreciate the scenery in the company of one another, or taking a class together where the two of you can explore a potential new interest, constructing romance within a relationship is necessary in expressing ones devotion and emotional engrossment to their partner.

While it may be an arduous task to discover a romantic relationship hidden amongst our dating-app-induced world, it is by no means impossible. By committing to one’s partner in a faithful relationship, keeping an open-door-policy for communication, and having an open mind for opportunities of adventure and growth as a couple, you will undoubtedly find not only thriving within your relationship, but improvement within yourself as a loyal individual as well. There is hope past swiping right, after all.