Let’s be real. We all love to dine out! No dishes, no stress, no rush to have dinner on the table, and above all a delicious tasting meal! What’s not to love? Americans tend to eat out a lot. In fact, according to this study, we are eating out more than ever before. While eating out can be enjoyable, it’s doing some serious damage to our waistlines! Would you still eat out as much if you knew how many calories were in what you were eating? I’m guessing you would think twice about going out or might reconsider some of your choices. I investigated some of Americans’ favorite dishes and dug up some interesting information about how many calories were in each of those meals. I think you will be surprised once you see the number of calories in some of the most popular dishes that people order.

  1. In the mood for a nice steak? Americans love their red meats! That will tally up to about 1,726 calories for this traditional favorite.
  2. How about an American classic, the cheeseburger? That mouth-watering burger will cost you 1,412 calories.
  3. Maybe you think a chicken cobb salad is a healthier alternative? This choice rings in at a whopping 1,000 calories! For a salad! Ouch! Salads can be some of the more calorie-laden foods!
  4. Have a craving for Italian? The worst offender is fettuccine alfredo and bread which is about 1,754 calories. The traditional spaghetti and meatballs aren’t far behind coming in at 1,492 calories.
  5. Maybe your taste buds are craving something caliente! Mexican food such as chicken fajitas with chips in salsa isn’t calorie friendly either. This meal will set you back 1,588 calories.
  6. The worst offender might just be Chinese food, particularly General Tso’s Chicken and Rice. This meal is one of the highest calorie bombs I have seen; averaging about 2,100 calories.
  7. Let’s not forget Indian food. A standard dish of chicken tikka masala and naan is 1,627 calories.

The number of calories in these typical dishes are what would be considered the amount you should eat in an entire day, NOT meal. Take a minute to let that settle in. Wow, no wonder one-third of Americans or 78.6 million people are considered obese. It’s important to be aware of what and how much you are consuming, especially when you are dining out.

So, should you give up going out to eat? The answer depends on you. How often are you indulging? Is it a few nights a week? Every weekend? Once a month? Cutting back on the number of times you dine out is a great start. Your waistline and wallet will thank you! If you look at dining out as a treat or luxury, you shouldn’t have any difficulties, and the calorie splurge every once in a while shouldn’t affect you too much. If you are someone that eats out all the time, you might want to reevaluate, especially if you are concerned with weight gain and your overall health.

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