Holly Barker is a Saskatchewan raised business graduate who turned her passion for business and fitness into a career. She owns 3, soon to be 4, Anytime Fitness Franchise locations with her husband.
Holly is a sponsored athlete with Team Magnum Nutraceuticals and underwear model with Performance Panties.

She is a multi-published cover model and continues to contribute her writing monthly to multiple publications on a national and international medium. She is passionate about spreading the lifestyle of fitness everywhere she goes. This passion has inspired her to help others achieve their passions through sharing her knowledge and experience of health, fitness, and business and she has recently launched her online courses and mentorship at www.thefitnesspreneur.com.

HealthGreatness: You are an entrepreneur and opened up your own gym before you started your fitness journey, what made you start your fitness journey; fitness competing, modeling, etc?
Holly: I was incredibly inspired to put myself to the ultimate fitness commitment and step on stage. I had followed fitness competitions for a long time…flipping to the back of the magazines to see the latest inspirations that graced the figure/fitness stage. I had never really knew how to go about it, but the same year that we opened our first club, the new bikini division was announced. I was sure that this category was perfect for my adventure. I hired my first coach, signed up for my first show and have been obsessed with the industry since that day in many forms and outlets. I am blessed to create my life through the opportunities that continue to come my way still and am excited for what the future holds.

HealthGreatness: You are a successful entrepreneur, influential figure and fitness enthusiast; how much can you credit your success from living a healthy lifestyle and having a positive attitude?
Holly: Everything comes back to health and fitness for me. It is what shaped me as a young impressionable teenager, it is what inspired me as a young adult, it is what continues to allow me to live life how I choose to create it every single day. I am blessed to be an entrepreneur through health and fitness and to have a business portfolio that includes helping others live longer, healthier, happier lives.

HealthGreatness: With all of your projects going on, what keeps you motivated to keep pushing your hardest every day and how do you stay focused?
Holly: I try my best to think the impossible every day…this is what drives me. I have achieved more than I could have ever dreamed as a young self, but this is what inspires me to live forward, to try new adventures every day, to look at new risks as why not, instead of a risk averse why. I have not achieved half of what I am going to, but every day, if I am capable of impacting someone else positively to live a healthier, more free, non-judgmental, wildly successful, happy life….my purpose is realized 10 fold.

HealthGreatness: I’m sure owning your own gym helps but what does your weekly workout schedule look like?
Holly: I actually don’t live close to any of the gyms I own….making training at them near impossible unless I am visiting the location….but that said, the gym is never missed and wherever I am, there is always an Anytime Fitness close to me. Anytime Fitness is the largest fitness in the world with over 3000 clubs worldwide and 100% reciprocity so I have a club near me that I visit and train at and can use any time of the day….every day! Whoop!

My weekly training schedule changes dependant on where my prep phase is at and what event I have coming up. Currently, I am on a 5-day training split with 6 days of cardio. A typical week looks like this:
Monday – Shoulders/Arms
Tuesday – Hamstrings/Glutes/Abs
Wednesday – Back/Abs
Thursday – Shoulders/Arms
Friday – Glutes/Quads/Abs
Cardio – 6 days a week of steady state hike, spin, stepper or treadmill sprints.

HealthGreatness: What are your three most favorite exercises?
Holly: Glute Bridge, Squats, Deadlifts – I love these because they are effective for a strong base towards any physique you want to build. I also love training back and shoulders….every exercise!!

HealthGreatness: What is your favorite cheat meal?
Holly: Turkey crust pizza is one of my all time favorite meals to make at home as a treat…I love going out for sushi!! I also love anything sweet…so that opens the door to any treat.

HealthGreatness: Do you have any advice for someone who wants to turn their life around but doesn’t know to start?
Holly: My advice is to start with small steps…minor changes to your existing routine. I believe where we fall when trying to make a change is the typical….’I’ll start on Monday’ or the typical new year resolution. Change is hard. When people try to start a healthier lifestyle, many times they abandoned every habit they had and try this ‘new’ way of living. This is too much change implemented at one time and will only be a matter of time before the diet/change is abandoned. When you take what you are doing now and implement small changes with realistic goal sets…suddenly these changes become a part of your lifestyle and success is much more reachable.

Another suggestion I would make before making any changes towards a healthier lifestyle is to know what you are doing today. Measure what you currently eat, calculate your nutritional input as you are currently doing, calculate how much energy you are expending. The only way to make a change is to change things based upon your current situation. This is how we are all different and the reason that diets typically do not work…they do not take into consideration your current situation.

HealthGreatness: Do you have a motto you live by?
Holly: Anything is possible. Because it is. If you can dream it, you can put a plan in place and action toward it. I don’t believe in wishes. I believe in dreams and visions and goal sets towards making them a reality.

HealthGreatness: When you are not working out and running your businesses, what do you like to do for fun?
Holly: I love traveling. I love to be outside. I love to create, to write. I love being amongst energy, trying new experiences, cooking and shopping. I love being inspired by the world around me.

HealthGreatness: You are going full force and doesn’t look like you’re stopping anytime soon; what are you working on next?
Holly: I have a few projects on the fly….I am continuing to build my FitnessPreneur stamp at www.thefitnesspreneur.com and sharing my experience and adventures with the world. I am building my mentorship plans – one on one coaching helping others live healthy, goal set and crush their fitness and business careers.

I am also excited to be launching a Calendar project for 2018, excited to be involved with a few new federations on the judging panel, excited to be sponsored and a part of a new business launch performancepanties.com and extremely excited to soon start building out our 4th Anytime Fitness club in Lake Country BC!!!!

Thank-you so much for the opportunity to share my adventure with you and your audience!!! If you would like to contact me or learn more about my business, please visit
Email: [email protected]
Follow: @hollsbarksfitness

Have a rockstar day and let’s inspire forward together!!