Katie is a 22 year old college student at San Diego State University, she is a NASN certified Expert-Level Personal trainer and NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist.

She studying Kinesiology with an emphasis as a Fitness Specialist. Katie will be graduating in May 2017. Katie has competed in 2 bodybuilding competitions, her first was May 2014 in San Diego for the Spartan Championships, where she took first in the Novice Bikini Division and third in her open class. Katie recently competed in the Ferrigno Legacy 2015 in Palm Springs, Ca. She took first in her Open Bikini Class B and then barely lost the overall to the Class C first place winner.
Katie’s next show will be the Jr. Nationals in Charleston, South Carolina on May 20-21. She is stepping it up and will have two coaches, Luke Propst who is a powerlifter, he does my training plan. Marques Caudle is my nutrition coach. We use flexible dieting and minimum cardio to achieve the low body fat % for the stage.
She also is now one of the newest athletes of Live Fit Apparel!
HealthGreatness: CONGRATS on the competitions and being a Live Fit Athlete!
HealthGreatness: With already being a certified trainer and nutritionist at a young age, how did you start getting into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle?

Katie: I gained the freshman 15 after my first year at college. Went home to New Mexico over summer and had nothing better to do than start working out! I was super frustrated with my body at that point and decided to make a change.

HealthGreatness: How has fitness and health influenced your life?
Katie: Um, more like how has it not!? It has completely transformed my life; I fell in love with this lifestyle and totally took a 180. I went from being an art major, smoking cigarettes like they were nothing, partying every night and eating whatever I wanted with no reserve, to turning my life around. Being healthy has transformed not only my body but my mindset. Things I did before that I enjoyed aren’t a priority for me anymore. My career has taken a turn in the fitness direction as well. I am much happier now.

HealthGreatness: You are going full force into competing, what does your weekly workout schedule look like?
Katie: I train legs 3x a week, with 3 upper body days: shoulders/abs, upper body 1, upper body 2, each upper body day being shoulder-heavy. My legs, glutes and shoulders are what need the most work for the stage. During my prep I did 30 mins of HIIT cardio 4-5 times per week. Now that I am post-show, I am reverse-dieting and doing less cardio. I am about to switch up my workout routine as well! Probably going to be doing 2 leg days a week so I can go heavier and harder on them and have more time to recover. I also am looking forward to breaking up my upper body days into more specific muscle groups. (back heavy, chest heavy, shoulder heavy).

HealthGreatness: What is your diet like and what is your favorite cheat meal?
Katie: I follow flexible dieting, tracking macros. So whatever fits into my macros, I can eat! It is a much more realistic and easier way to control your diet, and keeps you sane as well, preventing binging. If I want to fit a slice of pizza into my macros, I can! My nutrition coach Marques Caudle has been a godsend in this department for me. His website is www.teamctn.com so you can read more about his nutrition coaching style!

HealthGreatness: What are some of your hobbies when you are not in school or working out?
Katie: I love to relax and be at home. I am a total home-body. I love watching movies, baking yummy healthy treats, and reading! I also love to make art when I have the time; I am an artist.

HealthGreatness: What is a secret that your fans don’t know about you?
Katie:I guess this would be the artist thing! Many people don’t know that art is my second passion. I went to college with an art scholarship, I love to draw and paint, and have also made some sculptures in my time. In high school I won a huge art award and was featured in a famous gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

HealthGreatness: Do you have any advice or inspirational words for someone who is aspiring to get into the fitness world?
Katie: YOU CAN DO IT! Many people get discouraged because they see others on social media who have been in the fitness world for many years, and they compare themselves to those people. Those people had to start somewhere too! My best piece of advice is: Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter

Check out Katie’s video on her journey here!

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Photo credit to: Kawika Morse from KmmProductions