Sarah is currently undergrad and MBA in marketing and is a NPC Bikini Competitor. She is ISSA fitness nutrition certified and is an online Fitness coach with over 3,000 clients with great workout tips and clips on her Instragam!

HealthGreatness: How did you get started in fitness?
Sarah: I got started in fitness in high school playing basketball but I really started lifting once I was out of college when I started working out for my first competition.

HealthGreatness: How has living a fit and healthy lifestyle changed your life?
Sarah: It has made my entire life better, I feel and look the best I have ever in my entire life

HealthGreatness: As a online fitness coach, can you give an example of an workout that you might give to your clients?
Sarah: Workouts that I give my clients are all listed on my Instagram, make sure to check it out!

HealthGreatness: Can you share a meal plan for us to try?
Sarah: Unfortunately as everyone is different, a generic plan is not beneficial to anyone

HealthGreatness: What does your weekly workout schedule look like?
Sarah: I lift shoulders twice a week, glutes twice a week, legs once a week, and arms/back/abs once a week

HealthGreatness: What is the next thing you want to accomplsh in your fitness career?
Sarah: I simply want to become a larger name in fitness and help as many woman as I can achieve their best self!

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