Meet WBFF Bikini Competitor, CrossFitter, Fitness Coach, and NYT Bestselling Author of BANISHED: Surviving my years the WBC, Lauren Drain.

Lauren has done Crossfit for 3 years and competed, April of 2014 she did her first WBFF show and placed 9th in Bikini, there after she did 4 more shows in 6 months, placing 3rd in bikini, 5th in fitness in Canada 2nd in bikini in NYC, 2nd in bikini in Boston and just won 1st place in Bikini in Rhode Island. She has also done 3 Spartan Beast races in Vermont and 2 Tough Mudders in Vermont, all were over 10 miles long.

So essentially she is a sexy fitness beast!


HealthGreatness: What made you get into fitness?
Lauren: I’ve always been active, i got into running the adventure races back when they were starting out, Spartan and the Tough Mudder, I did a total of 5 in VT, all over 10+ miles. Those obstacle courses transitioned into doing CrossFit as it fit in with my personality and was more fun than going to the gym by myself. the since of community and pushing one another was a plus.


HealthGreatness: Crossfit seems to be the craze in fitness now, what do you like most about crossfit?
Lauren: I liked the fact that everything was pre-programmed for me and that i was able to learn a lot of Olympic-style movements I would have never otherwise tried on my own. Overhead squat or the snatch or the CJ and etc. These are all complex movements that are now key to me having proper form. Having a coach there all the time making small adjustments goes a long way. I think everyone should do 3-6 months of CrossFit just to get a better handle on the basics of the movements.


HealthGreatness: What made you want to try out for WBFF?
Lauren: I saw a girl that made a great transformation and I wanted the same thing. I didn’t know what show to try at first but i knew i wanted to sign up for something to give myself a goal to chase. After some research and some workshops i decided on the WBFF as it fit my needs more… what girl doesn’t want to throw on a gown and walk around on stage like a princes? I felt that the WBFF put on a show in a nice theater and was classier than say some other federations that are in high school gyms and etc. It was just a better fit for me, being a first timer i was nervous and went with what i though was the classiest of shows. Plus having a simple bikini division is exactly what i wanted.


HealthGreatness: What motivates you to workout?
Lauren: Progress… honestly seeing my own progress photos is like adding fuel to the fire. Results are really really addictive and I tell everyone to take a before photo just for themselves… once you see the hard work pay off you don’t want to stop.


HealthGreatness: What do you get from coaching?
Lauren: I love being able to help people, I’m an ICU Nigh Shift Nurse so helping people is in my blood. But seeing my clients transform their bodies and being able to coach them through the same exact struggles I had is very rewarding. I feel like i am helping change someones life like someone else helped me.


HealthGreatness: What is your favorite workout and why?
Lauren: Leg day! Its a love hate relationship like im sure many others would say. But you can always find me at the squat rack 🙂


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