Hanna Higgins | Health Greatness

Simple Ways to Cut Calories

Being in shape and looking good is important to almost everyone. There are many people that struggle with their weight, if you are one of these people you are not alone. If you are over weight there are many benefits from losing weight. You will feel better about yourself is one reason but the biggest benefit is being healthy. There are several ways you can lose weight, one of those ways is to exercising and watching calorie intake.

Empty Calories

Watching calories can be a very daunting task and seem like something you cannot do but that is not true. There are several small things you can do cut your calorie intake. One of those things is to cut out any empty calories. These are calories you take in that have no nutritional value. Things like soda, candy, cookies, ice cream, and condiments. Eating empty calories can cause you have you to limit the good and healthy foods and these are the foods that you need to fuel your body.

Portion Control

Another easy way to cut calories is watch your portions. Just because you are eating completely healthy meals that does not mean you can over indulge at each meal. You should always plan out your meals and figure out how many calories you should eat per meal and then portion your food out to make sure you stay within your calories for that meal. You also need to make sure you are getting the correct portions of proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

Healthy Snacking

It is also really important that you watch what you are snaking on. There are pre-packaged foods on the market that are already packaged out for you by calories that make easy and fun snacks. Other good snacks are things like fresh fruit and vegetables. These will be lower in calories and will keep you full longer. When you are snacking you need to make sure you are making wise and healthy decisions.

Drink Water

Water is a very important part not only in your weight loss journey but it is also a very important part of your overall health. A lot of times we will mistake dehydration for hunger. If you are feeling hunger you should try to drink a full 8 oz of water before you eat. After you have drank the water, if you are still hungry than you should make a healthy choice of something to eat. If you get in the habit of drinking a glass of water before every meal and snack you will likely notice that you will get full quicker.

As you can see there are several really easy ways you can cut calories. You can make this a fun game throughout the day by seeing how creative you can be about cutting your calories. You can set challenges for yourself on how many calories you eat per meal. Watching calorie intake can be easy and fun if you set yourself up ahead of time. When you are planning your grocery list you will want to make sure you are stocking your refridgerator and pantry with healthy choices. You can also pre make your lunches and snacks for the week so that you have easy access to the right foods.