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Did you know that nearly half of all men are able to reach their climax and come in just two short minutes? While some women are okay with a quickie every now and then, two minutes is not going to cut it for her to orgasm. Luckily, there are some things that women can do on their end to help their man last longer in between the sheets. This will give you time to catch up and hopefully allow both of you to climax together.

1. Go Slow.

Rather than starting out full force, take things slow and intimate. Have him gradually increase his speed. If at any time he thinks his about to come, then he needs to put a stop to the thrusting. Once that powerful feeling has diminished and he’s back in control, he can start thrusting again.

2. Use a Condom.

If you just went “ugh,” then you should know exactly why this will work. Men don’t like to wear condoms because the sex just does not feel as good. The same is true for the woman. It just feels better without the condom. Unfortunately, this leads to uncontrollable sensations and shorter sessions in the bedroom. A condom will prolong those sensations so that sex can last a little longer.

3. Switch Positions.

Don’t always do doggy style if that’s the position you and him are in when he ejaculates too soon. If there is a particular position that gets him off faster, wait until you’re close to orgasming to switch to that position. In the beginning and throughout, you should opt for girl on top or missionary style, as these are two positions that typically put the odds in your favor.

Sexy young couple kissing and playing in bed.

4. Kegel Exercises.

If you’re doing your Kegel exercises to improve your own orgasms, then good for you. But, he should be doing his as well Yes, believe it or not, there are Kegel exercises for men that will help prolong the finish line for him. He should tighten, hold and then relax his pelvic muscles just as you do when you do your exercises.

5. Foreplay.

Don’t forget to add in a little foreplay at the beginning – and even throughout the session. If you can get him to come for you during foreplay, he’ll most definitely last longer when inside you ensuring that you reach your climax first or at the same time as him.

If your man reaches the finish line too fast for you, then these are five things you should definitely start doing or get him to do. Remember to keep lines of communication open at all times, as this is key to a solid, intimate partnership in and out of the bedroom.