Training and exercise have many positives, some short term and some long term, but all of which are improvements yo your body and yourself!

During Training

First of all your metabolic rate increases, helping burn those calories quicker and blood viscosity is improved, contributing to better transportation of oxygen around the body! Oxygen flow rate increases from 8 litres per minute at rest to 100 litres during training – a huge increase. This increased blood flow allows the cells of the body to take in more oxygen and nutrition from the blood.

Just After

Weight is lost more quickly! That’s an enticing statement right? Well, it’s because carbohydrates and proteins are digested 4 times faster by the body. Also, exercise stimulates a good mood! Our brains release endorphins causing this mood lift.

Few Hours Later

It’s no doubt that good training improves mood as we just found out above, but training does more than that mentally – It in fact improves confidence and increases self-esteem! A natural boost for everyone’s mental state…you can’t go wrong! On top of that stress is released and sleep quality improves, backing up the well accustomed, fact based, belief that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle!

After a Few Weeks of Regular Training

Regular training brings with is a multitude of benefits for the body; lung capacity increases, heart and blood vessels work better and your immune system becomes stronger. The body also begins to regulate sugar levels in the blood more easily and your body stores less fat.

After a Few Months of Regular Training

The psychological perks continue – likelihood of stress is decreased further and you are less likely to experience depression or mood swings. To anyone in a stressful job, it just proves that exercise should be carried out and time should be made for it! It will influence your brain and make working easier and more productive.

Training of course improves your strength as your muscles will become bigger and bones denser. Alongside this coordination is improving all the time and this helps with strengthening the nervous system. Reaction time and decision making will become faster – a certain quality that can be very useful in everyday life.

After a Few Years

You will be happier and healthier and your life expectancy will increase. It is that simple! The slogan for regular training – live longer? That’s something no one should ignore.