There has been a lot of talk in the last month about the widely used ingredient triclosan. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news surrounding this controversial ingredient, now is the time to listen up. Today, I am going to give you some valuable information about triclosan so you can be a more informed consumer and be aware of the potential negative impact it can have on your health.

What Is Triclosan?

Triclosan is considered to be an antibacterial and antifungal and has been widely used in consumer products since the 1960s. Scientists thought that this antibacterial was helpful in fighting germs. As a result, many companies jumped on the bandwagon and started adding it to your products, especially hand soaps.

Is Triclosan Safe?

Lately, there have been a lot of studies and findings about triclosan and how is not safe for you and your health. Research has shown that triclosan has been found to be a potential carcinogen. Also, the use of triclosan promotes resistance to bacteria which then makes treatment with traditional antibiotics difficult. Basically, we are helping to create superbugs, and these harmful bacteria will be especially difficult to treat and get rid of. More importantly, there has been no evidence found that triclosan provides a benefit over its counterparts that do not include this ingredient. After some investigating and not knowing the long-term complications involved, the FDA is calling for this ingredient to be removed from antibacterial hand soaps. While this ruling won’t take effect immediately, by September of 2017 you should not see this harmful ingredient in hand soaps anymore.

Products Triclosan Can Be Found In

What you don’t know is that companies have been sneaking this ingredient into more than just soaps for decades. It can be found in a plethora of products including soaps and washes, toothpaste, clothing, toys, face washes, cookware, and furniture.

Should You Be Avoiding This Product?

I would avoid this product, especially with the recent findings of the FDA. The FDA is only banning triclosan from hand soaps and washes at this time, so it can still be found in these other products listed above. It would be wise to be careful how much you use and in what capacity. For example, is it being absorbed into the skin or the bloodstream? If it is, you might want to think twice and look for a product without it.

I think the bottom line is that you need to be careful and look at ingredients that are in your personal products. If you’re not sure what it is in your products, you should do your research and figure out why it’s in that product and if there are any potential concerns with regular use. The essential thing is not to freak out if you’ve been using products that contain triclosan. The best thing to do is to become an educated and wise consumer and to weigh the pros and cons before using products. Just remember to pay attention to research and findings and to do your own research.