Truth About Abs By Michael Romero Jr.

Michael Romero Jr. | HealthGreatness


The Truth About Getting 6 Pack Abs

Getting 6 pack abs that are solid with deep valleys running through isn’t something that be achieved through crash dieting or running a million miles a day. Just like biceps or any other muscle group, abs need to be built up which takes times and consistency.


Typically people wait until summer and decide they want to get some abs for the beach so they decide to maybe they’ll eat better and do some crunches everyday. This approach is all wrong and the kind of results people are after (abs similar to mine,) won’t be achieved. To get abs like mine, you need to start months before summer even begins. The reason for this like I mentioned before, is that abs need time to be built up so that when you drop the body fat that’s covering them, they will protrude out more leaving deep cuts between each ab. As far as the shape of abs and how they sit on your abdomen, that’s determined by genetics.

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