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ROXYGREY.COM Presents: Why I Train
(Directed by Chris Conway)

“If someone asked me a few years ago why I run, my response would be, ‘to get fit.’
If someone asked me that same question today, I would say, ‘to have balance in my Life’.”

This project means so much to me because it reminds me of my Spiritual growth as a whole.

The year 2013 was a very pivotal year for me — with its bold ups and downs; its closing and openings of new Chapters (maybe even Books); its many lessons; and most importantly, its Grace.

As many of you may already know, I had the Blessing of running my first half marathon in September 2013. With many people asking if they could run and train with me in the mornings, I politely declined because I wholeheartedly chose to train for that race by myself. Why? Because I was going through a time of depression, but I REFUSED to hit rock bottom. I realized that I needed to do something for my own Self, my Spirit. I found myself somewhat dependent on situations that no longer depended on me. And when those chapters would close right before my eyes, I had no control. I was angry at myself. I was bitter. I was sad. But I REFUSED to hit rock bottom. Being at a very low point in my Life, I told myself I needed to redevelop, rebuild, and rediscover my relationship with my Spirit. And so I did, as I am continuing to do.

After running this half marathon, I made it my goal to run a full marathon on my 26th birthday (26 miles on my 26th), which was about a month after.

The first part of this video reflects my Journey of Redevelopment.

During this Journey, however, I was faced with another challenge. I didn’t realize that I ran that half with a stress fracture, which I already had about two weeks before the race. (I thought it was just a shin splint.) Shortly after, I would be put on crutches for months and my dream of running the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco was shot down by my doctor (and my many loving friends who know how stubborn I am, and had to constantly tell me that I shouldn’t run it). Everyone knew that if the doctor didn’t tell me not to run it, my God, I would have.

So the filming of this video was put on hold during my injury.

Needless to say, leaving my crutches at home, I still flew to California to support the rest of my Mission: I’mPOSSIBLE team as they ran NWMSF.

I knew that there was a Bigger Purpose and a much greater Lesson in that trip. I was humbled by everything and everyone. I was no longer angered. No longer bitter. No longer sad. I had already been depressed earlier that year, so I just knew that there was another lesson The Highest was teaching me.

The second part of this video reflects my Journey of Rebuilding.

We filmed the last few parts of this video the day after the doctor cleared me from using crutches. I was a bit unsatisfied during this portion of filming because I knew I wouldn’t be able to lift as much as I normally do. My muscles were weak, but it was a reflection of where I was in my Life. I was still in the process of rebuilding my Heart. I was still rebuilding my Spirit.

And here I am today, in my Journey of Rediscovery.

I am the happiest I have ever been, and I am so grateful to The Highest for allowing me to learn and blossom with an open Heart.

As I continue to walk this Path of Rediscovery, I pray that each and every one of you, along with myself, continues to truly Live and appreciate Life’s many awesome lessons, regardless of how challenging they may seem. I pray that we all continue to be inspired by one another, and that we impact the World in ways that only Love and Grace can explain.

This is Why I Train.


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