You have been working hard, tracking calories and exercising religiously, but you still can seem to lose those last 10 pounds. This happens to many people and the reason behind the stall may be a surprise to some. Some of the most common reasons that you are not able to lose weight are highlighted here.

You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

You know that H2O is crucial for your health and body, but did you know that it was also an important element in weight loss? Water can help to suppress appetite so that you are much less likely to over eat. However, that is no all. When you become dehydrated, your kidneys will not be able to function properly, which means your liver has to provide additional support. Since your liver is having to work so hard, more of the fat that you consume will be stored, rather than burned away.

You Don’t Eat Enough Protein

High protein diets help you to shed pounds more quickly, in the beginning. Protein will enhance the feeling of satiety and help to prevent muscle loss as you lose fat. You also have to consider dietary thermogenesis, which is the energy that is burned to process and use the food that you eat. The body expends more energy in order to metabolize protein than it does for fat and carbs. This means that a higher-protein diet will help you burn more calories.

You Sit all Day

Even if you exercise for an hour each day if the remainder of your day is spent sitting, the dedicated workout is simply not able to compensate for the time you are sedentary. When you get up and walk for just two minutes during each of those hours, it will help to burn an extra 59 calories each day – which can quickly add up.

You’re Stressed Out

Many people turn to food when they are stressed. The stress hormone called cortisol triggers your fight-or-flight response, which is actually an appetite stimulant. High amounts of stress also step up the production of neuropeptide Y, which will increase your cravings for carbs.

You Work Out on a Regular Basis

You may wonder how a regular exercise routine can make you gain, but the fact is that many people have the tendency to eat more when they work out. This is due to the fact that they feel they have earned it or because they are overestimating what they have burned, and in some cases, both. Another reason for this is due to the fact that working out can make you retain water. This is why it is important that you drink water during any bout of physical activity.

If you have hit an exercise plateau, explore the reasons listed here why you may not be able to lose weight. Once you have discovered the problem, you can take steps to rectify the situation, getting you back on the path to weight loss.