If you’re looking for a new way to slim down, yoga may be for you. With more than 100 different forms of yoga that vary from relaxing to high-paced, some types offer the potential for weight loss.

Power yoga, an Americanized version of traditional Kundalini methods, combines meditative breathing with quicker, more active movements to create a form of yoga that is geared toward weight loss and muscle gain. If you want to amp up the calorie burn a little bit more, Bikram yoga, most commonly known as “hot yoga,” will definitely make you break into a sweat. The exercise is performed in a hot room, with temperatures varying from 92-100+ degrees, through a series of 26 challenging poses.

Basic yoga can burn anywhere between 120 to 170 calories in a 30 minute session, while more intense forms of yoga increase the calorie burn up to 460 calories per 90 minute session. All forms of yoga have the ability to target all areas of your body, from your core to your glutes.

In addition to weight loss, yoga also has many other health benefits such as increased strength and flexibility. It is also beneficial to those living with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease. However, as with any new exercise regimen, it is important to consult your doctor first.

Weight loss through yoga can be achieved through many different forms, but it is important to remember that it is not always the physical act of yoga that aids in weight loss, but rather the mindset that yoga can instill. The act of yoga is a great practice for both the body and the mind, and its teachings help create a long-term solution to your attitudes toward health. The meditative practices of yoga help to master mind-body awareness, in turn making you more in tune with your body and leading you to gravitate towards overall healthier lifestyle choices.

Yoga’s ability to make you more aware of your body can help you better recognize sensations such as when you are hungry or full. It can also improve your outlook on other forms of exercise, opening the door to other forms of physical activity. In time, yoga can make you more attentive your body’s needs, causing you to make more conscious decisions regarding your lifestyle.

Wondering where to start? The great thing about yoga is that it can be performed alone or in a group, and at home or at a fitness center. Many gyms and community centers offer yoga classes for various levels. In addition, there are many great YouTube channels that offer free step-by-step yoga videos, such as Yoga with Adriene, as well as numerous yoga DVDs available.

Whatever form of yoga you choose to partake in, it’s an activity that can kick-start your fitness routine and prepare you to engage in a healthy lifestyle. Just don’t forget your yoga mat!